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This web portal provides access to pdf versions of many templates, handbooks, policy statements, mentoring guides, etc. that we have used to support the NCI funded MICCP partnership between New Mexico State University and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. Please fee free to revise these documents to suit your own purposes. We welcome additions to this collection by other partnership teams and would be happy to promote your successful tools as well.

Consent Forms, Surveys and Templates


  • Summer Intern Survival Guide: for NMSU undergraduates about the resources and culture at the FHCRC prior to their arrival for a summer internship in Seattle
  • BEC (Border Epidemiology and Environmental Health Center) for the FHCRC public health graduate students about the resources and culture during their trip through the US-Mexico border region.
  • Cancer Teaching Fellows Handbook for the post-docs from the FHCRC who will spend two weeks in Las Cruces, about the climate, campus, regional attractions and student body.

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This U54 PACR Program (New Mexico State University/Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center) is supported by the
National Cancer Institute [5U54CA132383 and 5U54CA132381].
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