Julian Simon



PACR Role:

Lead Program Director/Administrative Core Lead/Planning and Evaluation Core Lead/REACH Core Lead


Fred Hutch


Dr. Julian Simon is an associate member in the Clinical Research and Human Biology Divisions at Fred Hutch. His primary research interest includes the development of small molecules as mechanistic probes for a variety of cellular processes and as potential lead compounds for the development of therapeutic agents.

Dr. Simon joined the PACR team in 2002 as a project investigator and now serves as the lead program director at Fred Hutch where he assists in leading the Administrative, REACH, and Planning and Evaluation Cores. In addition to his work with PACR, Dr. Simon is the co-director of the Fred Hutch Summer Undergraduate Research Program, serves as a "Science Spotlight" faculty mentor and is part of the Health Disparities Research Center Internal Advisory Group, the Proteomics Scientific Advisory Committee and the Scientific Communications Advisory Committee.

Dr. Simon earned his Ph.D. in chemistry from Columbia University.