Health Equity Field Experience

Selected Fred Hutch/UW and NMSU graduate students will have the unique opportunity to spend two weeks learning about underserved and underrepresented populations in New Mexico including the U.S. – Mexico Border Region, rural health, and Indigenous health. Students will participate in one virtual week of lectures and presentations and one week of in-person formative experiences.

The HEFE will utilize established NMSU community alliances to provide students with formative experiences and to develop skills to critically analyze health disparities and health education interventions. HEFE participants will spend time with program staff, Outreach Core health educators, and staff at community and clinical sites around the U.S. - Mexico Border Region in order to fully observe the unique issues related to the existence of health inequalities and disparities.

Activities may include shadowing personnel at their worksites, visiting health clinics and community centers, attending health trainings at the New Mexico Department of Health, and spending time with community members. Community health educators (CHEs) will work with the student participants to familiarize them with the barriers and facilitators of working with underserved populations.

These collaborations will help participants better understand the regional issues related to the existence of health disparities and inequalities in the U.S. - Mexico Border region.

Additional information can be found on the PACR website at Fred Hutch.

The HDFE will be a two-week experience from July 18 - July 31, 2022.


July 18 - July 22
  • In the first week, students will participate remotely through a variety of presentations from community stakeholders.
July 24 - July 31
  • In the second week, students will explore the U.S - Mexico Border Region, meeting with community groups, health practioners, researchers and other stakeholders. Students will travel to Las Cruces, NM on July 24 and return to Seattle, WA on July 31. 


This really inspired me to just go out there and do things that are out of my comfort zone. You meet people along the way who are in it with you and who think the same as you and share your passions. It's been an irreplaceable experience.

Field Experience Participant