Adhering to a brand guide allows PACR to present a strong and consistent identity to our community, partners and shareholders. Click through each tab to learn more.


The most visible element of our brand, the partnership logo provides us with a new and unique symbol that extends a clear identity for our organization into the community and with our partners and shareholders. It augments our previous logo to create a greater sense of professionalism, collaboration and purpose. General guidelines for use are as follows:

  • The logo should not be altered or modified in any way.
  • The full color logo should be used whenever design permits.
  • The logo should be given a minimum clear space that is at least the size of the letter "C" in "Cancer."

The logo should adhere to these minimum size requirements:

vertical logo

Print: 1 inch wide

Digital: 150 pixels wide

horizontal logo

Print: 1.5 inch wide

Digital: 150 pixels wide

Download the Logo Library


Complementing the logo, our defined color palette aids in extending a strong and consistent brand identity. The colors were derived from the primary colors used in the branding of our parent institutions - a variant of NMSU's crimson and the Hutch's signature dark navy. The secondary colors are used to provide accent to the main palette. They should be used with discretion.

Primary Colors

CMYK - 23/100/75/16

RGB - 169/0/55

HEX #a90037

CMYK - 97/82/36/25

RGB - 28/58/98

HEX #1c3a62

Secondary Colors

CMYK - 68/9/91/0

RGB - 92/172/84

HEX #5cac54

CMYK - 35/18/21/0

RGB - 167/186/190

HEX #a7babe


Establishing consistent typography creates a strong brand presence across all of our funded projects and activities and ensures clean, professional looking materials. The typefaces utilized by the partnership were chosen to provide flexibility in design while maintaining legibility in a variety of uses. Together, the typefaces help create a sense of energy, modernity and prominence.

All typefaces should be used in combination with one another and with great discretion. Materials should never be created using only one typeface. Conversely, materials should aim to use no more than three different styles of the typefaces. The weight of each typeface should be carefully considered in each application to ensure maximum legibility. The typefaces should never be altered outside of the prescribed guidelines.

All of our brand typefaces may be downloaded for free on Google Fonts.










Body Copy





Thin Italic

Regular Italic

Captions, Accent Text, Small Text




Light Italic

Regular Italic


Conference Poster | Download

Letterhead (Fred Hutch Return Address) | Download

Letterhead (NMSU Return Address) | Download

Meeting Agenda | Download

PowerPoint Presentation Template | Please email Kaitlin Englund at

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Brand Guides

To download a PDF of our Brand Quick Reference Guide, please click here.

To download a PDF of our Complete Brand Guide, please click here.

For questions regarding branding, or for assistance designing materials, please contact Kaitlin Englund at or (575) 646-2647.